Sea Level Rise

Data Science and GIS Teams at the City of Virginia Beach has been actively providing support for the city departments with analytics and maps. Some of the latest projects are shown below:

Current Project

  • Provide a sensor network that can detect water levels every 6-minutes in streams and ponds to proliferate observational data.
  • Provide applications regionally that will help citizens and city officials, access to data using their mobile devices with rich real-time and predictive weather information using Windy.
  • Provide streamflow and discharge analysis from NOAA’s National Water Model (NWM) 25-year reanalysis data from AWS Open Data Registry from 3,774 stream segments of Hampton Roads region for past major hurricanes and nor’easters.
  • Working on a pilot project with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Next Generation Water Observing Systems (NGWOS) and Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), to use machine learning techniques to provide water levels from camera imagery and LiDAR sensors.

How Data Science can help departments and citizens?

  • What questions can I ask myself of the data I manage to improve the current process and what data/app can I present to citizens that can improve services?
  • What data can I internally use and review and what data can I present to citizens visually to understand?
  • Can I know problems in my data to clean up the data that was carried over the years from different systems?
  • Can I see my data over a broad spectrum and make connections? – Real-time, Spatial Data, Time Series…
  • Can I use data to learn, model, measure, predict and improve efficiencies of my processes for citizens?
  • Plan for a futuristic smart city and how can I be the one to change?

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