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Welcome to City of Virginia Beach Open Data Toolkit

The new and expanded Open Data toolkit was reengineered with the users in mind, so that you can get the most out of the provided data. It is now easier to find exactly what you are looking for and perform analysis using the toolkit.

In the toolbox you can find,

  • A VBgov City Map with numerous layers of information such as flood zones, voting districts, demographics, economic developments, and much more
  • Showcases of Open Data reports
  • An open source business intelligence software, VB Analyzer, which is powered by Metabase and integrated with slack ( ). There is our friendly #slack @MetaBot to help (metabot help)
  • Our Ethical Digital Standards located in the Policy Toolkit
  • Trainings provided through the Data Academy Initiative

The City of Virginia Beach Data and Information Management team has utilized various open source and cloud technologies to provide users with a comprehensive and inclusive open data platform. Using Metabase, users to build and share your own dashboards and reports within an easy drag and drop environment, schedule alerts, and explore data with easy to use bots. For more information on how to use Metabase, visit the Metabase User Guide site.

We have designed this site to cater to all of our key user groups. The expanded toolkit is themed according to user profiles and designed to easily find and connect with what you need.


Who: Data Custodians, Specialists, Scientists. Data creators are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and proper management of the data.

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Who: Data Administrators, Officers and Analysts, Data Managers. Data publishers are involved in managing and publishing data sets and are the first point of contact for users of your data.

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Who: Software Engineers, Programmers, Startups. Developers and entrepreneurs are key players in the process of turning raw data into innovative new services and solutions for the wider City community.

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Who: GIS Professionals, Data Scientists, Analysts. Data professionals are a key player in the data life cycle and a part of the process of turning raw data into useful insight.

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Who: Decision Makers, Policy Makers, Managers. As an executive, learn your department's role in making your data available, the benefits of being involved, and how to prepare your own open data action plan.

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Who: General Public, Researchers, Businesses. In an increasingly connected and digital world everyone is a data consumer, from the general public and community groups to researchers and small businesses.

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We’re pulling together a wealth knowledge relating to data that already exist across several different government websites. We are also writing a range of new content – from how to guides, publishing tips for data users and custodians, code samples and tips for consuming data web services, examples of automation for publishers and users, and much, much more.

But, we’d like your feedback! If there is specific information or a how-to guide you need now, we would like to hear from you. You can help shape the toolkit direction and content and give overall feedback to us in the following ways:

  • Comments
  • Voting on insights and content to promote and showcase
  • Emailing us directly at

In the meantime, you can sign into the Help Center to ‘Follow’ the article to get updates. You have the option to sign in with your existing Twitter, Facebook, Google or Microsoft accounts:

Thank you,

The City of Virginia Beach Data and Information Management Team

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